WILL the oravan or oravan herbst CAUSE TEETH TO FLARE FORWARD OR MOVE IN ANY WAY DUE TO ITS LACK OF buccal/incisal COVERAGE of the anterior teeth?

No. In fact, FDA affirms that this unique patented design prevents supra-eruption or tooth movement of any kind on both the lower and upper arches. These appliances are fully embedded into the cingulum of the lingual areas of the anterior teeth for maximum stability.


These appliances are the most comfortable FDA cleared Mandibular Advancement Devices on the market today. Because there is no buccal or incisal coverage on the anterior teeth, patients experience no tooth pressure, and no claustrophobic effect as with other appliances that cover the full arch or lock the jaw into place. Further, we've designed these appliances to have less bulk leading to maximum patient comfort levels. Patients are free to open and close their mouth (with full lip seal) without disengaging the appliance, as well as yawn, speak clearly and drink. 


Oral appliances are very effective in treating sleep apnea. They are recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine as the first line of treatment for mild to moderate OSA, as well as for severe cases when the CPAP is not indicated or tolerated. It's important to know that oral appliances are not all created equal. These devices are breaking efficacy records every day they are tested. Not only are patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea testing normal after wearing the device, but we are seeing case after case of severe sleep apnea patients who refused CPAP treatment, coming into a normal to mild AHI range with continued use. 

does insurance cover these appliances?

Yes. Our devices are covered by medical insurance. 


Yes. These appliances are custom made for each individual from premium grade materials. Each device is manufactured in a US facility using quality systems uniquely designed to meet strict FDA requirements. Quality checks are performed on each appliance to ensure patients receive a superior, safe and durable appliance. We confidently offer a two year warranty against manufacturing defects.