OravanOSA is a privately held company based in West Orange, NJ, located about 20 miles outside New York City. As OSA awareness gains momentum in the medical and dental community, our mission is to be the leader in the development and distribution of oral devices to properly treat this life threatening disease. We demand the highest in quality, innovation, and customer service to maximize the effectiveness of our oral devices and to help doctors and patients get the sleep they deserve. All devices are manufactured at Apex Dental Sleep Lab located in La Mesa, California. 

At OravanOSA, comfort is at the center of everything we do. Our dedicated team works around the clock with Dentists, Pulmonologists, Physicians, and Sleep Specialists to ensure our appliances exceed patient comfort level expectations while making significant breakthroughs in the treatment of OSA and snoring.



Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein

Ivan F. Stein, DDS

Ivan F. Stein, DDS

Sonnie pic.JPG

Sonnie Bocala, CDT


Allan Stein

Daniel Stein is the Co-Founder and CEO of OravanOSA. Daniel is instrumental in growing the company's customer base, developing relationships with the industry's best dental technicians, and ensuring the company's oral devices are exceeding client expectations. Daniel led the partnership with Apex Dental Sleep Lab, propelling the production of the highest quality oral sleep appliances on the market today.    

Ivan F. Stein, DDS, is Co-Founder and President of OravanOSA. He is the recognized inventor of the Oravan™ and Oravan Herbst™ devices and has dedicated two decades of his career to researching and treating functional disorders of the jaw and mouth — including  excessive snoring caused by Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Dr. Stein brings a tremendous amount of innovation and technical expertise, leading the company to produce the highest quality and most effective oral devices on the market today. 

Sonnie Bocala, CDT, is Manufacturing Consultant for OravanOSA, and President of Apex Dental Sleep Lab. Sonnie has earned a stellar reputation in the Dental Sleep industry and is one of the most highly skilled and recognized dental technicians internationally.

Previously, he assumed the position as Director of International Lab Certification for TMJ and Sleep Research International from 2004-2016 and owned / operated T&S Laboratory from 2006-2016. Sonnie continues to lecture internationally on TMJ, Sleep Therapy, and oral appliance designs. Sonnie graduated from San Diego University in 2004 with a BS in Cellular Molecular Micro Biology.


Allan Stein is the Lead Sales Representative at OravanOSA. He is responsible for the on-boarding of new clients and assisting doctors with individual cases. 

Allan recently graduated from Columbia University and is now enrolled at Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine, where he will become a Dentist. Allan looks forward to bringing the OravanOSA line of sleep devices to his practice in the near future.